Top 5 Tourist Spots with Dos’ and Don’ts for Hyderabad City Tour

Hyderabad is a city of Heritage, capital of Telangana. Guys, you should know it attracts tourist from across globe, it has Heritage Monuments, Lakes, Museums, etc. All that which is needed to make it an attractive tourist spot.Well, best time to visit Hyderabad is from October till March. In general, Hyderabad has a hot and humid climate. Also, from April onwards, it gets fuming hot. Hyderabad visit in a single day is nearly impossible. So, if you are planning for Hyderabad City Tour and a bit confused about which places to visit. Here, I have best tips for you to enjoy your Hyderabad visit.

1. Golconda Fort

Golconda Fort is the beautiful ruins of the Kingdom of Golconda and belongs to Qutub Shahi Dynasty, which was renovated and expanded by Mughal Prince Aurangazeb with the intention of claiming the full city. Today what remains so tall and high is the ruins of the wealthy capital of Qutub Shahi Dynasty.

 Entrance Door design and smaller door

 Top Hill Part of the Fort and inside section of Raani Mehal inside Golconda Fort 

Staircase with low height and Corridor

# Dos’

  • Visit Golconda Fort during evening which will give relief to your body from scorching heat and you can enjoy the sunset from top hill section of the Fort. Following with a Musical Light Show.


  • Its advisable not to visit Fort before 3pm during Summer as Hyderabad gets fuming hot after April. 

#Must Carry

  • Your Camera to capture beautiful Sections of the Fort.
  • Your Pretty Sunglasses, Scarf, bottle of water as it will easily take you Min 45 mins to reach the top hill of the fort

2. Qutub Shahi Tombs

Seven Qutub Shahi Rulers rest in peace here in Ibrahim Bhag and is Known as Qutub Shahi Tombs.

Board in-front of the gate of Qutub Shahi Tombs

This place has beautiful architectural value to it. Tombs are well constructed and reflects the great Artistry of Qutub Shahi Dynasty.

Single storey and double storey tombs

Fine Artistry of Qutub Shahi Architectures 


  • This place is for lovers of historical places.
  • It is advisable to visit this place in the first half of the day.
  • Get one guide, pre-approved by the state government, available at the entrance gate  .


  • Its advisable not to visit the whole place alone as its a huge area and with many small, big tombs around. You might lose interest after checking the history slabs kept for reference beside each tombs. 

#Must Carry

  • Your Camera, of-course, to capture beautiful Artistry of Qutub Shahi Architectures.
  • Your Pretty Sunglasses, Scarfs, bottle of water as it will easily take you Min 60 mins to witness the beauty of each of the tombs other than seven Qutub Shahi Tombs.
3. Chowmallah Palace

It was the residence of Nizams of Hyderabad during their time. A beautiful Palace which is now open for all her visitors. Chowmallah Palace means  Four Palaces which is inside one fence. A well maintained garden and ancient treasury is on display in the gallery which includes Royal furnitures, Royal clothes, Arms and Army instruments. And, most interestingly, they have preserved each and every Royal things in a beautiful manner.

 Entrance Corridor and Window of the Palace

 Beautiful Palace and Clock Tower of Chowmallah

Courtroom and Jhummar of the Palace

Windows of the Palace reflects great Artistry
 Beautiful Garden and Fountain in the courtyard of the Palace

Vintage Car and Cannon, true preservation from the past 

  • This place is going to give you a Royal feeling, so, relax and witness each section of the Palace with your leisure time.
  • There is a small canteen provided for refreshments during the visiting hours. So, if you feel hot and thirsty then you know where to land up.
  • For visitors, the Palace provide car parking area inside the Palace Fence. Hence, utilize it instead of parking on the Roads. 
  • The Palace is clear and well maintained. Do not throw trash anywhere except dustbins.
#Must Carry
  • Your Camera to capture beautiful Royal Existence.
  • Your Pretty Sunglasses, Scarf, bottle of water as it will easily take you Min 70-80 mins to witness the beauty of Chowmallah Palace.
#Foodie lover’s love- Hyderabadi Biryani

 You visit Hyderabad and miss Hyderabadi, not happening. Telangana people are biryani lovers so, if you visit Hyderabad you must try Hyderabadi Biryani for sure. What i can suggest is before heading towards your next destination you can stop by Shadab Hotel and treat your hungry tummy with yummy Hyderabad Biryani.
Hyderabadi Biryani @Shadab Hotel

Shadab Hotel is close to Charminar, So, you can just pass by after your lunch.
4. Charminar & Meena Bazaar

Charminar means Four Pillar, a mosque constructed in 1591 CE. when we think of Hyderabad, we recall Chairminar which shows how popular structure it is. Adjacent is Meena Bazaar. In Mughal days, it was a place for Royal Princes who would come for shopping along with very few Royal people including Emperor and Princes.

Image Credit: Google Images 

  • You can take lots of photos in and around Chairminar and Meena Bazaar
  • Do hold your kids while hopping around as its a crowded location.
  • Make sure, out of excitement, you don’t stop your car in-front of it and end up blocking the road. 
#Must Carry
  • All you need is a camera and a heart to capture all that you can.
5. Hussain Sagar Lake

Hussain Sagar lake was built by Hazrat Hussain Shahi Wali in 1562. This lake has beautiful garden and play area for kids. Telangana Tourism has ferries and boat facility for visitors to enjoy the lake ambience. Boat takes you to the centre of the lake where you find a Big Buddha Statue, a recent addition to the lake, which is definitely the most attractive point of this destination.
Buddha Statue in the centre of Hussain Sagar Lake 

Facilities by Telangana Tourism

Kids’ Area and Pretty Blue Flower from the Garden 
  • Advisable to visit in the evening so that you do not miss the sunset.
  • Do try the boats and Ferries to see a closer view of Buddha Statue
  • Do not throw trash in the Garden nor in the lake.
#Must Carry
  • You don’t need anything more than a camera to capture all the natural beauty around you.
I had a very short trip and the above list is what i could give for this time. For next visit, i have a few destinations to focus on. But, if you have two days’ time for City Tour then you gotta visit Ramoji Film City, Birla Temple, Salar Jung Museum for sure.
Hope you, travel lovers found this content helpful to plan your Hyderabad trip. Please, give your feedback in below comments.

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