DIY : Jewellery Shine Hack

Left ( silver anklet) Right ( Silver Coloured metal earrings) 

Hey There! Hope you guys are doing great. Today, I want to discuss about my biggest crush on Silver jewellery. I just love them. I love silver coloured metal jewellery as well. I am among those who would go for silver over gold when it comes to jewellery. If you too belong to same category then this post might be useful for you. Hopefully! šŸ˜‰ 
We often come across that our silver jewellery turns black and loses its shine. Same issue happens with Silver coloured metal jewellery. Don’t worry, it is pretty much normal and it happens because of the moisture in the atmosphere. We have no control over the atmosphere moisture. But, we can certainly fix the damage caused by it. 
We feel the damage only when we take out our favourite jewellery to get ready for an occasion and then, find it dark and unattractive. To avoid that last minute pain, I have a DIY for you guys which would hardly take 5 mins of your time!
Things Needed: 
  1.  For Silver jewellery: Toothpaste, soft brush ( if needed), water and towel
  2. For Silver Coloured Metal Jewellery: Body Talc, soft brush and towel

For Silver jewellery:

Take a small amount of your regular white toothpaste and rub gently over your jewellery. If your jewellery has stones or small sections then you can use a soft old tooth brush to remove dirt from smallest section of your jewellery. Then rinse it gently. Dry it using your towel. Be gentle. Doing this will bring back the shine and remove most of its dirt.
White toothpaste gives better results

Top ( before) Down ( After)

For Silver Coloured Metal Jewellery:

I never had a heart to wash my Silver Coloured Metal Jewellery because they are not the real silver probably with silver coating or are some other white metal. But, they too turn black and lose shine. So, in such cases our regular body talc can be used. Sprinkle the talc on the jewellery then rub it gently over all parts. Then, brush off all the excess power using any soft brush you have. If needed, you can use towel also. By doing the above, you will find your dull jewellery shining again!
I have Oriflame Body Talc at home. You can use any.

A regular soft brush

Left ( After) Right ( Before)
By now, you guys know another use of your body talc, regular toothpaste, and regular brush. šŸ˜‰
Hope, this DIY would be useful for you guys in some or the other way. If you guys liked this article then, please like, share and comment below. Any request, suggestions are most welcomed. 

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