All Black with touch of Gold

Happy New Year Folks!
Hope you all had an awesome time during this party season. I wanted to put this post live last week itself but could not because of my bad health. So now, when I am alright and fit, what’s the best way to start new year than posting my first blog of 2017!

I am so fond of black colour that I can pick out black clothes from my wardrobe without even seeing them! So, I just thought why not..write on black..Best part of choosing block colour is you cannot go wrong with it.

For today’s post, I chose all black with touch of gold. For this look, I wore a black dress with golden/bronze details on shoulder which I bought during sale last year. Also, I chose a black hand bag with golden touch on it. This hang bag is from +Lederland  which is just opposite to Southcity Mall, Kolkata. They keep leather bags with some classic to fancy touch to it. They have kept imported items as well. So, you can have a look at them when you cross by. Also, you can +Flipkart 
For shoes, I wore black boots with golden chain work at the back of it. It is a gift from Paris but i have checked online. You can place order online if you wish to have them..;-) I have added the link below.
I feel boots work really well with your party dresses. Its stylish and it will keep you warm also. So, I just went for it. 


The Peeps:
  • Black Dress : @bronz 
  • Black bag: @Lederland , Kolkata
  • Boots: @L-Lux-Shoes 
Hope, you all liked my post. Do like, share and comment below. Suggestions are also appreciated.

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