Makeup Product Review


Hi Folks! Hope you all are having great time. I am very happy that finally, I am putting up this together and posting as I had promised. I am not an organised person at all and I get little lazy to write and post things on my blog which is such a bad habit. And, I need to get rid off it. Probably, that’s the first thing in my agenda this year. You all can also comment below about your agenda for 2017. I would love to know.
Well, coming back to my post..its about the products which I used for the below look. I am not sure how many of you love makeup..but I really do. Basically, I love all the products with are not very expensive and yet has decent outcome. All the products used below are under Rs. 600
 Products used:

  • Lakme CC Cream
This has a short story. I was never comfortable to buy a CC Cream as I used to think its a cream and not foundation..Not many of you thought the same..But, to my surprise it is actually a cream foundation kind of a thing. Rather, a cream which promises to instantly protect, moisturise, brightens, evens the skin tone, conceals and freshens. This comes in two shades beige and bronze. This also, says that it has SPF 30 PA++ which will protect you from sunburn. It has net content of 20 gm. This product is available in so many websites like +Nykaa +Flipkart and many more.
Reality Check: I came across this product with an introductory offer which is 9 gm content. So, I just took it. Thought, I would give it a try. Well, honestly this product is really like a cream and it definitely moisturises and brightens up your face. It also evens the skin tone but does not conceal your spots especially your dark circles which you really want to get rid off.  This product is mostly like a light coverage product which is great for a regular use. This stays well on your face for almost 5-6 hours which is pretty good for CC cream to stay in place.
  • Maybelline White Superfresh Compact
This product is something I totally love. It comes in 3 shades- Pearl, shell and Coral. It has 8 gm net content. It promises to stay for 12 Hours and keeps you fresh as well. This product is available in so many websites like +Nykaa +Flipkart and many more.
Reality Check: This product is real good deal. I have been using this for almost 4 months now. This absorbs extra oil from your face but does not make you look dry. It stays whole day long too. It also, gives your dull face a shine. I mean to say this product is very affordable and has a very good outcome. Its a perfect deal for its price.

  • Lakme Eyebrow Pencil
I am not among those who are naturally blessed with thick and fuller brows. So, I used Lakme Eyebrow Pencil in black color to give my brows a little dimension and a fuller effect. This product is available in so many websites like +Flipkart and many more

Reality Check: This product is a good deal for its price. I mean brow setting pencils from other brands are little expensive if compared. Lakme brow pencil is also good to use. In all, its a good deal.

  • White pencil Highlighter: I don’t really know about the company name because its really old. I used it to highlight my lower lash line. Since, I could not read any name on it as its has given me a hint that it’s high time I should get a new one.
  • Very Me Dual Eyeshadow by Oriflame:
This product has two shades in one container. I bought Coca Glaze. And, I have used the lighter shade on my eye lids to give a little life. This product comes in many shades to choose from. The net content is 1.9 gm. This product is available in so many websites like +eBay India  +Flipkart and many more
Reality Check: The lighter shade is not really pigmented. It is good to use it only when you don’t want too much focus on your lids. It is good for just a base colour. But, the darker colour is nice and pigmented. The darker shade can do wonders for that smoky effect. So, in all this is a combination of light and dark shade and is totally up to you how you want to use it. However, I am not a very great fan of this product. If any of you own this product and has a much better experience than me. Then, do comment below about how you used it. I would love to know. πŸ™‚

  • Maybelline Gel Liner:
 It says that its Eyestudio lasting drama Gel Eyeliner. I bought the black one. It comes with a brush which makes life much easier, i must say! It promises to stay 24 hours and is intense black, smudge proof. This product is available in so many websites like +Nykaa +Flipkart and many more.
Reality Check:This is a magical product. And, when I say need to trust me! It is intense black and also, is smudge proof and stays almost whole day long. The brush is much easier to handle , also, to make that perfect wings.Well, I am bad at it. I always try to make a long perfect wing but somehow I end up making small one. No problem, someday I will..;-)

  • The One Mascara by Oriflame: 
The One Mascara promises to be volume blast mascara. The net content is 8 ml. This product is available in so many websites like +eBay India +Flipkart and many more.
Reality Check: This product is something to give a try. It gives a good volume to your lashes. Makes it look thick, dark and curled. It is very much pigmented and is intense dark.

  • Classic Rose Blush by Oriflame:
This product comes with an inbuilt mirror which is a good thing but there is no blush brush with it. This product comes in two shades- classic rose and coral. Also, net content is 4 gm. This product is available in so many websites like +eBay India +Flipkart and many more
Reality Check: This product is an average product not very well pigmented. You need min 4-5 strokes to even get the colour seen on your cheeks. Maybe, it would give a natural blush on people with lighter skin tone. I have close to wheatish skin tone and it does not work well for me..If anyone has had a good experience with this product..Do comment below. I would like to know your story. πŸ™‚

  • Davis Dual eye and lip liner:
Now, this product was a gift. I really don’t know if its just a company or a brand. I use it as lip liner and sometimes I use it on all over my lips. This is in the shade 29. I checked it online its available in +eBay India  and it comes in a bunch with few more colours. I mean that’s cool. 
Reality Check: This product is well pigmented. It is good for lining the lips but if used on all over the lips then it might make your lips very dry. Overall, the quality is good.

  • Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick:
I bought in shade 352 which is shade of red. You have so many colours to chose from. The net content is 4.3 gm. This product is available in so many websites like +Nykaa +Flipkart and many more.
Reality Check: This product is not harsh on your lips. It has all creamy and shiny effect. But, it is good to use a lip liner before you use this product or else it can be all over and around your lips. Overall, this a good deal for its price.

Okay, sorry about the long post but I really hope this post would be helpful for you guys. And, if you liked this post do like, share and comment below. Also, I have recently added a follow button to my blog as some of you requested. So, do follow me for updates.
Much love,
Please note: all the above product images are from Google Image.

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