Review | Three Dots And A Dash

Hey, Folks!

Hope you guys are having a great time with your friends and family. And, if you are looking for an awesome place to hang out with your friends this weekend you can stop by Three Dots and A Dash. As we say, every day is a special day and every good memory should be cherished.

Little History:

This Tiki Based experience is located in 100 Ft. Indira Nager, Bangalore and is inspired by Donn Beach, the founding father of all the Tiki Restaurants. Three Dots and A Dash was a drink created by him and were the morse code for the letter “V” which represented as Victory during World War and it was his tribute to his War mates. 


When we enter a place, the first thing which attracts us is the ambiance. And, 3DD has it all. The bamboo shoots all around to give a raw feel, comfortable sofas with cozy cushions and the awesome bar counter are so amazing. And, not to forget, the dim lights which will give you that awesome Hawaiian feel. 

“Because after all, it’s not always about what you drink but where you drink”


Everyone wants to satisfy their taste buds and I am no different. But, happy taste buds with tempting aroma and visual treat is like icing on the cake. The food served here is a perfect visual treat. Have a look below and you wouldn’t be able to resist yourself.


“It’s not about what you drink, it is what you drink it in”

Apart from the bar menu, they have the really unique way to serve cocktails. It’s raw and tempting. Once you check out the below images you would feel that you should try them all.

My experience:

 We tried a few dishes among which Chicken wings and spicy corn nuggets with cheese were amazing. Chicken wings was so juicy and well cooked. The dark brownish colour and mouth watering aroma was so tempting. I think the ingredients chosen is the key. The first bite itself gave a taste of a perfect combination of the spices added to it. Spicy corn nuggets were not so spicy but definitely cheesy and I loved it. The golden brown crunchy crust and the soft melting cheese inside created the magic! Somehow, chicken nachos didn’t work for me that well. Chicken nachos had more of backed beans and less of chicken. Probably, the chosen ingredients do not go well. In drinks, I tried Zombie Jump. It’s made of Rum, brandy and some fruit juice. It is served in a skull shaped container which looked so zombie! It sounds exotic and tastes exotic. And when I say that you need to trust me!  However, I got really tempted when I saw above images and I am planning to try them next time. 

Pocket Pinch: 1300 INR – 1500 INR for two

My Ratings: 4.7/5

You can book your table here

Thank you! Three Dots and A Dash for sending me the amazing list of your food and cocktails.

I am a happy customer and I want to share my happiness with you all. Hope you found this post helpful. Do like, share and comment below. 

In case, you would like to get in touch with me.

Twitter: @AnupaSahu

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