Let Mens’ Wear be your Style!

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For today’s post, I am up with Mens’ wear which we can style for ourselves also. I personally enjoy wearing my husband’s clothes. You can take your father’s, boy friend’s and brother’s clothes also. I feel it’s so cool and casual to carry their clothes. It gives that oversized clothes effect which is equally stylish. It’s something worth a try. I kept it very simple and wearable so that majority of women can wear it comfortably. Depending on your personal style and choice, you can modify further.
I have used a mens’ t-shirt, two watches, a belt, mens’ jeans and mens’ shirt to create below looks.

Look 1

   I am wearing a mens’ t-shirt and a mens’ watch paired with my denim and a converse shoe. I kept it very casual. And to give more edge to it you can pair it with high heels. 

T-shirt- Krabi Market, Thailand
Watch- Amazon
Ripped Jeans- Kraus by The Shopper Stop
Converse shoe- Jabong

Look 2

I wore Mens’ jeans paired it with England flag printed tee. Matched with my favourite beige brogue and white watch. I tried to give variation to it, wore a tribal black tee and matched it with grey glittered heels. 

Mens’ Belt- Bangalore Location Market
Mens’ Jeans- Rookies Jean Co. by Lifestyle
Colourful Tee- Amazon
Watch- Sekonda
Beige Brogue- Max
Tribal Black Tee- Max 
Black Choker- Commercial Street ,Bangalore
Bracelet– coral stone neck piece
Heels- BK Market, Kolkata

Look 3

I am wearing Mens’ shirt with grey spaghetti top inside with black jeans paired with quirky slip ons. To add little eve look, I added a neck piece in silver touch and moved to my glitter heels.
Black Jeans- Max
 Mens’ Shirt- Max
Mens’ Watch- Fastrack
Spaghetti top- Gariaht, Kolkata
Slip ons- Max
Heels- BK Market, Kolkata
Neck piece- It was a gift
Ladies, I tried to keep it more wearable for the majority of women. If you are comfortable with shorts, skirts or crop tops. You can bring more variation to my look book. For example, wearing this grey spaghetti top with a Mens’ shirt you can wear shorts instead of jeans or something else also. It completely depends on how you would like to match it. 
The whole idea to wear these Mens’ wear is to create that loose and oversized effect. And, summers are here, so I feel you can try out these looks. And, if you do then do not forget to comment below.
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