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Too busy to hit the gym and too reluctant to maintain strict diet? You just need a healthy diet and BTL VANQUISH. Wondering what it is? It’s first of its kind, the world’s first Broad Field, a Selective treatment that eliminates fat noninvasive, without downtime or discomfort. How cool is that! Just imagine you are losing fat without any sort of pain it’s like a therapy and you need to be present for few sessions of approx 45 mins. And, that’s all.

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Little Information about BTL Aesthetics:

BTL Aesthetics, a division of BTL Industries, is a privately owned developer and manufacturer of the medical and aesthetic equipment. It is the second largest manufacturer of non-invasive body shaping and tightening manufacturers globally. In India, it has been present for more than five years with over 130 references. It is now becoming increasingly acceptable and commonplace in India too. People have realized that there is now a safe and painless alternative to the rejuvenation of the face and body provided by the company.

Besides BTL Vanquish ME, BTL Aesthetics’ brands also include BTL Exilis Elite which is ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue and deliver precise control even around eyes.  Controlled heating is the basic requirement for the best treatment outcomes. The EXILIS ELITE is a technological breakthrough which allows clinicians to treat effectively using high energy levels without compromising patient comfort. It can be used safely on all skin type and offers the added value of requiring no costly consumables. Each procedure is uniquely designed to ensure safety and excellent results.

Eyeing the popularity in the Indian market, BTL Aesthetics, a division of BTL Industries, expanded its footprint in India in 2011 providing a non-surgical alternative to more invasive procedures for contouring, correcting skin laxity, improving skin quality and removing fine lines.

Aesthetic medicine is not similar to cosmetic surgery as it is generally thought to be. Cosmetic surgery tends to focus on changing people’s appearance through surgical techniques while aesthetic medicine applies to non-invasive procedures.

It is fast, efficient, comfortable and a safe non-invasive method for contouring, correcting skin laxity, improving skin quality, removing fine lines and stubborn fats from various parts of the body. There is no direct contact between the patient and the device. A patient can even read a book, watch TV or simply chat with friends while undergoing the treatment.




Initially, my mind was blown away when I heard it’s actually possible. I mean no suction, no needles, no pain..just few sessions of therapy is all that you need..then how does it work that it will burn all the fat in my body? You too have this question in mind..right? Let me answer that for you..

Vanquish delivers RF energy, selectively absorbed by Fat which heats it to the point of permanent reduction. In common man’s term, it’s a technology where the machine would not touch your skin, it would produce the heat through which 60 to 80 percent of removable fat of your body would be removed permanently. The amazing thing is your skin and muscle does not get affected in this process.

BTL Vanquish ME has two applicators for this service:

  • Core ( body) Applicator which is to cover larger areas like the abdomen, back, and buttock.
  • Flex ( Small ) Applicator which is to cover smaller areas like Inner-Outer Thigh, Saddle Bags, Flanks and back rolls.


USP of BTL Vanquish ME

  • Since its US FDA Approved it is totally safe to experience this for fat reduction.
  • Selective RF study ensures that it is highly efficient
  • NON-Contact treatment means the machine does not touch your body and you would be totally relaxed and comfortable
  • Painless and Non-Surgical is unique and first of its kind
  • It is pretty much versatile as it is for both gender 
  • Since it has No Downtime, you can totally relax and even come over on your lunch break and finish off your session.
  • So this is so far the Biggest Treatment Spotsize treatment which would give you faster results.

Fat loss is not a new concept in India but what’s new is the technology which is provided by BTL Aesthetics. It sounds quite promising and effective technology wise too. The amazing thing is where these services would be provided they would provide it as a complete package which would include your diet plan and therapy sessions.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Will it leave wrinkled skin tires after the session? Like it happens after fat suction?

No, not at all. This is a noninvasive method. The fat is destroyed with the help of heat produced during the therapy.

  • Will the fat get burnt forever? Will it return?

No, the percentage of fat which is destroyed are destroyed forever. That would not return. But, post sessions if the lifestyle is not maintained then the existing fat might increase in size.

  • Will it affect our skin or muscles in any way?

No, this is totally non-contact treatment. So, muscles and skin would not be affected.

Sounds like a miracle? No, it’s not! It’s modern technology…And, we are lucky enough to experience it in Bangalore, India.

I attended the event by BTL Aesthetics where I witnessed the machine and saw how the machine is used during the therapy. Looked very safe and scientific. I am sure, this would have created quite a lot curiosity in you. To know more about BTL Aesthetics please click to their Website and I am also adding a YouTube video for a better understanding. Please click here

They are also available on Facebook , Instagram , Youtube

To approach BTL Aesthetic in Bangalore, you can email to Dr. Kushal Soni. at sonik@btlnet.com

Below are the few images from the event,











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