My Summer Story 2017

Hey, Guys!

Hope you all are doing great.

Today’s post is about what I feel about summer. We have to drink a lot of water and apply a lot of sunscreens but apart from that, an essential thing is to wear breathable clothes! What better thing would be than cotton fabrics?! I don’t know how many of you would agree with me but I relate a lot with florals and whites when I think about Summer. I know we are transiting from summer to fall here in Bangalore..well.. actually, this post was about to go up in April but due to some issues, I am two months late..but as we all know it’s better to be late than never! And, also I believe some of the cities in India would still be in summer I am sure summer or no summer the look which I am going to share with you all would be helpful for you guys.


So, I have created a look with a basic white kurta and beautiful floral palazzo. I have tried to give a little Indian gypsy feel to it by adding silver oxidized three-layered neck piece and matching earring which I borrowed from a dear friend. Matching silver bangles and mud brown Jutti or Gurgabi as you call.

Now, this is a huge trend and it’s a very versatile style. I have a few tips and tricks that would never go wrong

  • Always match the base color of the bottom and the top. It makes it look that they were made for each other and no one would know that you mixed and matched your pieces.
  • If your kurta is pretty much basic, then jazz it up with heavy jewelry and that would fill up your neck area and would add spark to your look.
  • Always go for bright colors in summer that helps to avoid looking dull and drained.
  • If you aren’t an expert in mix and matching then go for block colors like all black or all white with slight texture difference and match it with statement neck pieces. Trust me it always works!
  • Florals and solid colors are like soul sisters, it never goes wrong!

Below are the images:




I am so glad you made it till the end. I hope this post helped you in some way. For more such posts please follow all my social media handles. Please comment below what you think about this look and I would love to read your comments. Also, do share and subscribe to my blog.

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