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I am kind of excited to share my experience with Me! Bath products. It is pure luxury guys. I have never had an opportunity to experience anything like this before, in fact, I did not know that it existed until I experienced it.

You guys would be thinking, what am I saying!! Okay! So, let me calm down and tell you first what Me! Bath is. Me! Bath is the USA brand which is well-known for its bath and body care products. They have developed some of the unique products like bath bombs, sherbet, body icing, body wash and so. Not to forget all their products are hand crafted in California. products they sell are not just aesthetically pleasing but also of paraben free formulas which are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and are in the biodegradable packaging.



This post is regarding their recent launch of Home Spa Range which is in three flavors

  1. Luscious Lavender
  2. Summertime sherbet- Strawberry and Kiwi
  3. Chocoholic

I had received Signature Body Spa Home Kit. I totally love the concept. They are making regular services so fancy. When I opened the kit, I could see the description and how to use guide printed on the inner side of the kit. Each product has its name well written for you to identify and use properly. Life is so much easier when we can have these services at our own convenience.


Detox Green Tea

For the ideal detox, grab yourself this chocolate flavored anti-oxidant rich green tea while you enjoy the process at the same time.

Calming Candle

Light an aromatic chocolate candle to evoke your mood. Isn’t this a perfect set up for experiencing Home Spa? I say Indeed!!!

Bath Ice Cream

Bath Ice Cream is the most interesting product I experienced. You have to drop the ball in the bath tube and you will see it melting in the water and the whole thing would be so eye-catching. Its how a tablet mixes in water with bubbles are around it. It smells exactly like a chocolate ice cream. Girls..no you aren’t supposed to eat it. 😉 It’s six oil blend, enriching minerals, tempting fragrances and purifying salts come together to hydrate and nourish your skin. You just have to soak yourself in melted ice cream scoop ball water and it will take away all your stress.


Shower Sherbet

You need to Relish the rich cocoa infused scrubby scrub as it deep cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. The 100% organic Jojoba Oil in it which softens the skin. The scrub has soft sugary granules which are so comfortable to rub and scrub. The consistency is really thick and not to forget, it smells pure pleasure.

Hydrating Mask

Cocoa based glycerin and clay mask work to hydrate your skin and seal-in moisture. The peppermint oil in it cools and soothes the skin. You need to apply it on hands and legs and let it semi dry for about 5-7mins. And then, rinse it thoroughly. You will see the difference. My skin felt so smooth and shiny after this step.

Body Icing

Spoil yourself with a delicious blend of Shea and Cocoa butter. With high doses of Vitamin A, C, and E, it leaves your skin supple and moisturized. You just have to massage your body with this which is little tricky when you do it yourself. But, of course, you can take someone’s help like mom or sister.


The reason I chose Chocolate flavor is Cocoa Beans are a source of useful vitamins like B1 & B2 and minerals which promote physical and mental well-being. Give your “Happy Hormones” a boost & experience the richness of chocolate as it works magic on your skin leaving it rejuvenated.

Also, you need to give your “Happy Hormones” a boost & experience the richness of chocolate as it works magically on your skin leaving it rejuvenated.

With Gorgeous Ms. Latha at her Salon


Well, I would also like to share my experience of Manicure Service with Me! Bath products at The Beautique Women’s Salon & Spa which is in Kormangla, Bangalore. There I experienced Luscious Lavender Manicure which was so amazing. I totally love the quality of the products used. Me! Bath is a total luxury experience and if you want to experience such services you can get in touch with Registered Salons in your city by Me! Bath. And, if you would like to order the Home Kit Range then click here

Basic Registered Salons Pan – India is listed below and if you want to know more Salons get in touch with Premier Lifestyle Website You can write it to info@premier-lifestyle.com

  1. Naturals Unisex Salon and Spa
  2. An John Beauty Parlour
  3.  Kromakay – The Fine Art of making heads turn
  4. B-Blunt
  5. Juice
  6. Enrich
  7. Play Salon
  8. Bubbles

To know more about the brand Me! Bath click here

The Beautique Women’s Salon & Spa details:

  1. Website
  2.  Facebook

Location Courtesy:  The Beautique Women’s Salon & Spa

Photography Credits:

  1. Instagram
  2.  Facebook

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