Escape to Tranquility | Ft. Body Raaga

I am very excited to share my experience with Body Raaga Wellness Spa. For people like us whose lives are always on toes, this is what you need! Before I give more details, let me first introduce Body Raaga to you if you already don’t know about it.

Body Raaga Wellness Spa is a haven of serenity and rejuvenation. Designed with a contemporary stance their spas which are a sanctuary of wellness offering ancient and holistic therapies for body and soul. They act as a medium for the fusion of physical balance and mental harmony. Their professionally trained therapists and beauticians will pamper you with traditional therapies that transform your body into a state of serenity and relaxation. At Body Raaga you indulge in the luxury of spa services inspired by Ayurveda, Western therapies, Thai Therapies, and Holistic traditions.

Body Raaga _Jaya Nagar_bodyraagepfolio-1

So, As I mentioned, I recently visited this place and pampered myself with De-Stress massage and body cocoon for 110 minutes.

It Started with De-Stress Body Massage:

I opted for medium pressure with Aromatherapy which was for one hour. Oh my God! I must tell was so relaxing. At first, I was a bit uncomfortable because it’s a body spa but beautician was extremely professional and she made me completely comfortable with the massage process. She knew her job and she was very gentle with massage stokes. I felt relaxed and less stressful. And, the best part is it was for 60 mins. Rest 50 mins were kept aside for scrubbing and body wrap.

Next was deep Body Scrubbing:

Okay, this is kind of funny but I need to tell you this. At first, I felt she will rip off my skin…like literally…but, later I realized that’s how it is supposed to be to get a smooth skin. I really appreciate the speed of the beautician that she was quick with scrubbing while following the stroke process. And, then I took a shower and that was the point when I realized why you need a deep body scrubbing. It just makes your skin smooth like silk!!!

Last, was the body Wrap:

I found this one also funny but at the same time, I enjoyed the wrap. You should know, I was almost mummified! It was the first time when I experienced something like this. But, I felt it was required and I will tell you why. So, she applied a mud pack to my whole body which was very much liquid. After that, I was wrapped in a body length tissue cloth. And, covered by two towels. The mud pack was cold and the towel gave me warmth. And, the combination of both was very relaxing.


That was the end of the session, I took another shower and when I came out of the area they offered me water, some fruits, and a ginger lemon tea. I just loved their hospitality! They started with a welcome drink and ended with fruits and tea.

This was my whole experience with Body Raaga and I genuinely feel you should try their service.


You can check out their website ( click here ) for more details.

Below are amazing ambiance pictures of the Indiranagar branch.





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