Say Good-bye to Your Oily Hair | Ft. New Pantene Oil Replacement

Hello Lovies!

Hope you all are doing amazing. Today, I wanted to introduce you all to a product which will make your life much more easier. We all have oily hair, fizzy hair and bad hair day. You should know, Pantene has launched a new product which is Oil Replacement product. Don’t be surprised, you read it right!

New Pantene Oil Replacement

Yes! Pantene has brought to India an international solution which will end all the hassles of oiling
Now long oiling hours will become a history to share! It is a rich and creamy product with a thick texture. It smells amazing and is non-sticky. Absorbs in secs with no waiting time.  You can perfectly apply it on both damp and dry hair. The New Pantene Oil Replacement has Pro-V and goodness of oils which would give you 2X stronger, hassle-free hair.
I usually don’t get enough time to oil my hair due to work. There will be days where I don’t get time to even wash my hair. Well, you should know my hair gets fizzy the very next day of hair wash. So, I just use the New Pantene Oil Replacement and comb my hair. And, I am ready to go. The best part is it’s not sticky so no “cheep-cheep” nor your hair gets oil which means your hair doesn’t look like an oil sack either. For me, it has been a savior from bad hair day!
It is a product which you can easily include in your hair care routine. No more oiling overnight and washing your hair the next day. Not always we get time to oil overnight also, if you don’t have enough time for oiling then you include this product instead of oil.
This product has come to make your life easier in just three simple steps.
  • Take a walnut size of product on your palm.


  • Rub between your palms and distribute it evenly through the lengths of your damp or dry hair.


  • No need to wash your hair. Just style it the way you want and you are ready to go!


I am glad you made it until the end. If you would like to check out this product click on Nykaa and Amazon.

Photography by Kimie Riis Frengler

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