My Hijab Story!


Hi Folks!

Hope you guys are doing amazing!

Today, I wanted to cover the most desired look I have been waiting to create and that is using a hijab. I totally respect the aspects of wearing a hijab in the religion. However, I feel it’s more than that. I feel it adds beauty and grace to your personality. And, if we think about haircare then, hijab protects your hair from pollution and damage too.

I got inspired by Farheen Sabah who is a modest fashion blogger and I adore her sense of styling. We planned to collaborate on this project.

Inspired by her, I created a look wearing a black dress, black jeggings, beige shrug, beige heels and a black hijab. Farheen is wearing a sporty long hoodie dress, nude pants, nude hijab and a white sneaker.

DSC_0282-01 (1)

DSC_0294-01 (1)

DSC_0315-01 (1)

I hope you liked what we created together on my blog. Go check out what we have created for Farheen’s blog ( click here ) You can stalk her on her Instagram as well!

Photography Credits Jayesh Capture

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