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I have been going through a lot of hair problems due to pollution in Bangalore. People who travel frequently and stay outside for long hours would totally relate to me. My hair has suffered a lot while people think I have great hair but the fact is its frizzy due to pollution damage. Hair fall is not less than a nightmare and you would not agree more if you face similar issues!


This concern makes me try out different products. I recently attended an event where I got to experience Anti Hair Fall range by Himalaya Herbals at Ombre salon in Bangalore. It involved four steps:


  • Hair Oil: We all know how important it is to oil our hair. It gives your hair strength and ensures your roots are strong.  It has Bhringaraja and Amalaki which are proven hair growth promoters. It also has Methi, Neem, and Bilva which prevents scalp infections. Lead with a head massage and a steam which stimulates better and healthier hair growth.


  • Shampoo: Proper shampoo is not less than an important key in hair care. It cleans away all the dirt from your hair. Also, it has Butea Frondosa, the key ingredient which helps reduce hair fall relatively and prevents hair breakage and thinning. It also has Bhringaraja which is known to promote hair growth. And, Chickpea nourishes hair and improves hair texture.


  • Conditioner: Conditioning plays a vital role to smooth your hair and make it silky soft. It has Palasha which also helps reduce hair fall due to breakage and prevents hair thinning.  It also has Bhringaraja which is known to promote hair growth. And, Chickpea nourishes hair and improves hair texture.


  • Nourishing Cream: Hair cream is now something new in the hair care routine which wasn’t given attention for a very long period of time but thankfully has won the spotlight. In my opinion, this product is a game changer. You can use a very little amount of it on the hair length ( avoid the scalp) after you are done with the first three steps and style your hair at home with a salon feel in it. This does not just help you to style your hair better but also nourishes your hair. It has Bhringaraja which is known to promote hair growth. And, Amla which helps reduce hair breakage and nourishes the hair texture.


I feel this is an affordable option, at the same time you can do this treatment at home. I have been using Himalaya Anti Hair Fall range products in complete four steps for almost a month now. I have seen changes in my hair. I would recommend using this routine for at least twice a week for better results. My hair looks fabulous! Isn’t it? 😉

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I hope this post was helpful for you in some of the other ways! I enjoy sharing all my experiences and love reviewing products for you guys! Hope you guys liked it.

Photography: Jayanth Nayak

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  1. Thanks for the awesome reviews. I have tried many things for hair and nothing can bring any noticeable changes to my hair. I know this is an Indian product and believe I it will work on me. I’m really impressed by your writing and I believe this can help me to get rid of my hair mess. Right now for an official works, I’m India. I hope I will get this product in a super shop.


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