Smartest Way of Ownership with RentoMojo!

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I know in today’s world we all have fast moving life. We travel from one city to another like how we discard our old dresses annually! Yes, I totally understand the fast-moving urban lifestyle. And, so does RentoMojo!

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I am sure a few of you would be knowing RentoMojo already and few would be using things from them. But in case, you aren’t aware of this brand. Then let me introduce RentoMojo to you!

Rentomojo, India’s leading consumer leasing company announced an exciting proposition of Rent-to-Own, where now the customers will now be able to rent till whatever time they want, return or own the products. Founded in 2014, Rentomojo started as a rental business but has now evolved as a model where the customers can lease furniture, appliances, and two-wheelers by paying an extremely affordable RMI (Rental Monthly Installment). With the new offering of ‘Rent-To-Own’ the customers will have a new way of ownership, where after paying some RMIs, if the customer feels like buying the products, it can be done.

I recently attended the bloggers meet where I first time heard about “Rent to Own”. Now, we all know about renting a house, home decor, bikes and so and so things. I had never heard of renting something which can be owned if we like it.

Now, here are two concepts! First, you rent something and have the feel of ownership where we know that thing product isn’t ours but yet I have ownership of it. Second, You rent out something and when you really like that product then you can buy that product also. That’s a cool concept for me!

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They provide a very unique service with so many benefits!

  • You can choose how many months you want to rent out a product. In case, you want to return the product in between. Holla! you can do that without cancellation charges!
  • Say suppose I have taken a product on rent for 6 months and you have taken 12 months. Obviously, your RMI would be lesser than mine. And, if you close down the rent in 6 months you still pay RMI as per your contract of 12 months. Means the longer period of time you rent a product the more money you save even if you are not certain about the future!
  • They provide damage waiver so you don’t have to worry at all!
  • Annual cleaning and maintenance of all the products is a very strong plus point!
  • You can also swap products in case you are bored with it but that’s once in 12 months.

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I am sure, a lot of you would be struggling to understand why should we rent out when we can pay and buy. Now, when we say pay and buy means not all have a lot of liquid cash to spend and hence, take EMI. Well, when the life is so uncertain when we don’t know next time if we would have to change the city or country. In that situation, buy on EMI and then selling off that product is nothing but a lose! That’s when Renting options come which is definitely the smartest option of ownership.

Also, from the below Image you can clearly see the advantage of RMI (Rental monthly installment). You can rent it as a trial and if you like the product and have no plans to move out. Then you can simply buy the products and set up your home. Well, even if you move to another city RentoMojo can sort that out for you as well. No need of separate service for relocation. This place is a hub for all the needs one could have in this fast-moving urban world!




I know, we all are grown up with a traditional way of setting up own homes. And, its nostalgic to relive again while setting up our house like how we have seen our parents and grandparents doing it which is great! At the same time, when I see people with a lifestyle which is so fast and has a lot more to do that to invest in EMIs. For them, RMI is the best option. It’s individual of course! However, I would recommend you guys to try RentoMojo and see if it suits your lifestyle. You never know, you might find a perfect product which may make you feel home!

I Hope this post helped you in some of the other ways! I like bringing up new things for you guys!

Until next time, Stay Blessed!!!! 🙂



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