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I know I have been inactive for the longest time now. And, finally my website issue is solved and I am able to upload things.

If you read my previous post it was about an urban lifestyle where you can rent to own a product which is a new concept in India. However, I would also consider a fact that we all love being unique. We all like owning unique things which have a sense of class in it. I came across Address Home somewhere in December. I visited their Kolkata store and then again visited Bangalore store. If you follow me on Instagram you would have come across tons of stories for the same!

You can have the clear idea of the brand by its name itself. However, let me introduce you to the brand.


About Address Home

Address Home was launched in February 2008 as a signature lifestyle and destination décor concept store. They are a constantly evolving endeavor, changing with the most forward international looks of the season. In nine exciting, vibrant years, Address Home has grown from one to thirteen signature stores across the country. And, they have since acquired both a legendary following and formidable reputation in the world of high-end home décor.

A home should be so much more than just a dwelling. With this belief, they present the best in contemporary decor chic, created expertly as signature collections in limited numbers.  And curated too – with utmost selectivity.  They are the epicenter of décor evolution, of left-of-center-stylish and all things irreverently luxurious. Our purview – the now of décor!


Address Home instantly redefines the rules of interior design. The concept elegantly encapsulates in its home decor modern functionality and everyday luxury with historical elements that ensure a personal touch whether placed in the kitchen, bathroom or lounge.




Items are modern artifacts offering the home the blessings of storytelling. Plate patterns and pillowcases are as if taken directly out of the history books


Browsing this beautifully constructed space made for an inspiring visual journey with each and every item awakening more and more my inner interior designer. In fact, it became one of those shopping experiences where you contemplate not paying your rent just to be able to afford another piece.
Being able to sit down at the dining table cutting your food on the elegantly designed dinner plates with the mesmerizing golden cutlery would make you want to cook a three-course meal every single day.





To own furniture which is a blend of elegance and comfort might just make your mornings and evenings the most desirable spot in your home.


I have fallen in love with the uniqueness of their products, some are even imported from a different part of the world. The collection is truly a perfect blend of comfort and luxury. If you wish to check their collection then please visit Address Home

Photography Credits: Jayanth nayak



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