Because, less is more!|Casual Summers #1

Hey, Folks!

I have started a series which I have named as Casual Summers. I would be styling basic clothes and create looks for you. It’s very simple and easily re-creatable. The idea here is not to use fancy clothes but to mix the most basic pieces we already might have. Sometimes, we just forget to be grateful for what we already have and start buying clothes as and when we see some style is flooded in the industry. But, in that we forget, we already own so many things. Why not use them? We don’t have to burn our pockets to be stylish after all! The look I have created here is great for day as well as a night look. Be it a brunch scene or pub you can steal the show with this minimal style.



Shades- Max Fashions

Loops- Shein

Shirt- Jabong

Cami Top- Shein

Pants- Tom Tailor

Heels- Lavie

I chose skin fit short top and a loose pant because a skin fit top will give shape to your upper body and a loose pants will enhance the curves which would give an illusion of perfect shape even if you don’t have one! Beauty is the most debatable concept and I don’t want to go there but all I mean is not everyone has perfect shape ( irrespective of whatever be the idea of perfection) But, trust me this trick works!

Also, to make it look it more a brunch scene I added a denim shirt if you wish you can skip it totally.





I hope you like this look. I am in the process to create more. Do subscribe to my blog and follow me on my social media platforms.

Photography – Vogue Fotonirvana

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