Be Sanskari with Unnati Silks!


How about changing our perception towards sarees? From occasions to wear work or parties? Have no double thoughts!

Why not when our mothers and grandmothers have done it for ages and it is one of our Indian traditional outfits. I know you would be thinking it is very difficult to carry throughout the day and can get messy!

Well, it’s all about the fabrics! If the fabric is wonderful you will be comfortable in saree throughout the day. It is like any other kind of outfit!

I came across Unnati Silks and I fell in love with their collection! Let me introduce the brand to you guys!

Unnati Silks is a saga of ‘HANDLOOMS FOR WOMEN‘ that began in 1980. Three decades hence it has transformed from a single shop entity to become a family enterprise with extended arms and global operations. Customer – Centric that it is, Unnati Silks anticipates, innovates and provides with a strong belief that each and every customer is special and requires that something, which is unique, refreshing, fashionable and of quality. 

An experience of three decades plus in silk and cotton textiles Unnati has carved out a niche presence for itself in being the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and exporter of genuine silk cotton handlooms like sarees, salwar suits, kurtas, kurtis and other Indian ethnic fabrics. This has thereby created for it, a sizable domestic market from across the country and overseas. 

  Having a product range that is as varied as it is vast, handwoven and handcrafted, the devotion and dedication of talented ethnic artisans from across 21 states of India come through in the products on display. Having the Handloom Mark and Silk Mark for most of its products, Unnati’s customers are assured a legitimate backing too, despite being guaranteed original handloom products from the start.

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I saw their wide range of collection and then initially thought of picking up a kurti. Then I thought why not a saree? I know nowadays, it is restricted to occasions only. But, I wanted to make it more wearable for young women!


I took up a challenge where I picked up a traditional saree and styled it in a modern way! A way which is more wearable and is to handle. I should not forget to mention I did not use any pins to drape my saree. NO PINS used!!!!

The reason why I chose Unnati Silk Saree is they are cotton- silk handlooms which makes the fabric so soft and adjustable that it sits well on your body!

I wore my black cold shoulder top and saree. To give it more feminine look added a belt. Accessories with a bindi, golden jewelry!



I hope you liked the look I created with Unnati Silk Saree. Go ahead and check out their huge collection.

Photpgraphy – Jayanth Nayak


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