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Got table

Hello!! Booking a table in a restaurant gets messy sometimes. Sometimes we end up standing in a long queue if we missed out on booking a table on time! Well, you would not agree more if you love eating outside!



I have a solution. Download Got Table  It is a one-stop destination for booking a table, picking up a take away and getting a food delivery! But, let me highlight the USP. It is just not “booking a table” app but a “find dealer app” Now, what does that mean? Well, It means Got Table gives you plenty of options of restaurants to choose from and you can check which restaurant has which offers and pick the best deal for you. Not just that, but it is a Geolocation deal finder, GPS enabled feature pulls the restaurants closer to their device location. Whether the diners are from the same city or new ones in the city, gives high visibility for the restaurants on Got Table. Another highlight is about the diners accessing dynamic menu that restaurants posts real-time for picking up a Take away and Delivery.

Isn’t that cool?


Download it on Android or IOS

Visual guide for this app:

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I hope this post would be helpful to you! Now, my party plans are sorted and I hope this app will sort your plans too! 🙂

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