Earth The Spa | Secrets to relaxation – Is it true??

Hello Guys!

I know it has been forever that I have blogged about something and I am really sorry for the that!

Today, I wanted to share about my experience with Earth The Spa which is an escape to an out of earth experience where your internal consciousness is stimulated to the highest level. We all need some quality time with ourselves. Especially because we deserve that sort of pampering. Living in a world where we are always on toes. We deserve this!


Earth The Spa

It is an enchanting and unforgettable spa experience which is designed for the absolute pleasure of senses. It is located in the heart of Bengaluru city at Koramangala. They offer a wide range of therapeutic, relaxation and beauty therapies that are inspired by ancient wellness secrets from around the globe. All you need is to just relax, lie back and let their experienced therapists take you to a world of relaxation with indulgent spa therapies.

A wide range of service in the category of massage, facial and scrubs.


The ambiance is the real beauty of the place. When you enter the center you feel that you have entered a trance where everything around you is so peaceful and calming.

Reception Area


Lobby Area


Couple Spa Room


Individual Spa Room


My Experience

If you have been following me for a while now then you would know that how much I love pampering myself. And so, I opted for three services. I was feeling very tired and my body needed some rest. My body tissues needed some relaxation so I opted for 90 mins Deep Tissue Massage. She used all natural and herbal oils to stimulate the massage with strong strokes. I must say the therapist was extremely good and professional with her job. As I had requested for high pressure she kept on asking if the pressure was right. And, I appreciate that concern. I think in between I went off to sleep as the massage was so calming and relaxing.

Post the deep tissue massage. Next was Herbs of Earth- purifying scrub for 30 minutes. She started scrubbing with legs and then slowly moved to the whole body. The ingredients of  the scrub I could not understand but it smelled divine and was of all natural ingredients. The scrub granules were not harsh on my skin and even she did not rub it harshly on my body. So, it was all good! After wiping off the scrub with a warm wet towel she insisted me to stay flat on the bed as I wanted to go and take bath. But, then I realized she got a mask to cover my hands and legs and while that was drying she moved to the third service I chose.

Vayasthapana: the anti- aging facial which was for 60 mins and was the best facial massage I have had in a while. The gentle strokes on your face specially on your forehead relaxes you the most. It also stimulates the blood circulation which leads to fresh and youthful skin. After the service, I went and took a quick shower. When I was getting ready to leave I saw myself in the mirror, my face looked so clean and bright. And, of course, it felt soft. Not just that, my body was also very soft and smooth. Honestly, when you feel good within you feel confident. And, that’s what exactly I felt at that moment!

I had an absolute relaxation at Earth- the Spa and it is truly a secret to relaxation!

I hope you went into a trance with me while I was expressing my experience. This place I do recommend if you love pampering yourself. If you have a body pain or if you love a good massage. They have professional therapists, perfect ambiance and a great hospitality to meet your requirements!

I hope this post is useful to you in some or any other way! Hope you like it. 🙂



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