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Have you ever thought that if I had this part of my face little more lifted then maybe I would have looked like this or if I had little less hollowness under my eye then probably would have been best? I know, we all are perfect with our imperfections but honestly, deep down we all want to look better. I do not encourage going over the board to achieve our desires but little enhancement doesn’t hurt anyone!

I attended one of the Kosmoderma‘s event where I got to meet Dr. Chytra and she changed my perception towards having a dark under eye. I have had this concern for the longest time now and trust me no one has ever been able to explain it to me so well! That’s when I first came across the term Fillers!

Fillers are nothing but Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a form of a natural sugar that our body produces routinely. In fact, HA fillers are the most preferred form of dermal fillers due to their efficacy and safety reasons. So, it does no harm to your body. I wanted to lift my face and correct the hollowness under my eyes, which used to make my face look tired and unhealthy. Let me be clear, getting rid of hollowness under the eyes, does not mean getting rid of the dark pigments. Hollowness under eyes is a result of sinking eyes, which ends up looking like dark circles.

Initially, like a lot many of you, I too had second thoughts about getting a procedure like this done on my face. But, I really wanted to give this a try to see if it really worked. I take a moment to appreciate the doctors for holding such a smooth procedure that I don’t really know how much time it took. It was pretty much fast. Also, need to admit that it is not 100% painless but it is something so minimal that it’s bearable. It is a lot less painful than waxing! More like an ant bite.

People often think fillers are for old people, mostly after 30’s and 40’s, but do you know that aging starts at the age of 25? There is no right age for fillers. If you have the concerns and desire then that moment is the right time! However, it is said, it is better to get it done after you are 18 years old. Apart from aging, what about the people who are naturally born with a certain mismatch on their face? We have two eyes, two cheeks and two lips. Everything is not perfect! Not that everything needs to be bang on perfect. But, what if you desire for some correction? Then this is for you!

When we do something on our face, we do think about how many days or weeks is this gonna last us? Even I was thinking the same. And, guess what? This is gonna last you for about one or one and a half years! Now, that’s a clever invest!

You might be thinking, with time the fillers would slowly get absorbed by my body and then would it effect the face? Will me trouble areas re-emerge? Well, HA is a fluid which is injected underneath the skin layer to lift the skin surface, to correct the hollowness, which was my previous under eye situation. So, when it gets dissolved it would simply come back to the previous hollowness, not increase it, but only be what it was previously without damaging my face in any way!

The most asked question was, is there any side effects? Will it leave any prick mark? Were you not scared? Is it safe?

There are no major side effects. There was none for me. In the extreme case, one can get bruises which heals in few days. At the time of procedure, you do feel little heavy head and it is only because of the anaesthetics in the fluid which disappears in 30-40 minutes after the procedure. It does leave some prick marks on the face as it would leave on your arms when you take an injection. But, that too disappears in one or two days!

Of course, I was scared when I went to get it done. It is my face after all! But, I knew I was getting it done from the best we have in India! And, based on my very own experience I feel it is safe to give it a try!

There are some post-procedure precautions which you need to keep in mind. Those are very simple ones. Like, to avoid facial massage and warm water for few days as the fluid would be in a mouldable state! But, don’t panic trust me, It is all good and easy to do. I have maintained the precautions and it is doable!

The entire procedure was super smooth and I am happy with the results! It has been a month now and I feel really glad that I made this choice for myself. I thought it is the best time to share my views on this and address to all the questions which I received from you guys! I hope I covered everything you wanted to know about the fillers and my experience with Kosmoderma.

I have a Vlog style video on my Youtube. Do feel free to check it out. First 5 minutes would be really interesting for you guys as I have clips from the day I got it done and last 10 minutes are the same points as above!

Just a little disclaimer before I end this here. This is not a sponsored post. I hold the opinion of my own based on my very own experience and it may vary from others!

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