Be Fierce. Be Bold.

Hello Peeps!

I have created this bold party look. In my opinion, red is bold as well as fierce! A beautiful red dress can totally glam up your evening!


I don’t usually wear a body hug or tight fitted clothes, thinking it might not suit me but in this outfit, I went beyond my comfort zone and I love it. Surprisingly, I was very much comfortable while styling it.

MUA: Azhar Aarfeen

Hairstyle: Sonam Jain

Photography: Vogue Fotonirvana

Location: Nevermind


We usually think that bodycon dresses are best suited for hourglass body type which is not true. I am heavy on the bottom. I found one specific pattern of the bodycon dress that suits me well and is flattering for my body type. If you have a similar body type as mine, you should try a bodycon dress that has a waistline stitch on the natural curve. It gives an illusion of hourglass shape.


Red Dress & Shades: 

Earrings: H&M

Watch: Timex

Hand Cuff: Springfield

Black Heels: Lavie


Pro Tip: Innerwear : 

  • Wear full coverage bras underneath if the neck is shallow like the dress I am wearing. You would most definitely won’t like if the bra line is visible.
  • You can wear shapewear to even out your bottom half. But, it is not the most comfortable option. What I like to do is to wear underwear with seamless panty lines. That works best when you wear anything fitted for your bottoms especially if the material is likely thinner.

However, with time, I have learned that just seamless panty line underwear doesn’t help, especially if it’s any other color other than a black bodycon dress. I have a tire line because I always wore denim jeans during my early 20’s which is just stuck with me and I am not an excessive fitness person. So, for me, just seamless panty line underwear doesn’t help because it shows the tire line on my lower belly. But, I don’t like shapewear. So, I started to wear tube tops underneath. It gives perfect shape which shorts can’t give you under a bodycon dress.


A similar product is available in Jabong ( Above is a Google Image)

You can wear a spaghetti top as a skirt when needed. It is usually stretchable and is safe as bottom wear.

Below are some more pictures:




It was fun styling this look. I hope this article would be helpful to some of you. Let me know if you tried any of the tricks I shared.

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