Dead Sea Mud Mask launched by Krishkare ( 25% OFF use code “Anunomics” )

Hello, beautiful people!

I am assuming you all are doing geat and are hydrated this summer.

Today, I have a quick first impression/ review post and a surprise for you all for which you have to hold on until the end. And, it’s about the new launch by the brand Krishkare for which I collaborated with them. I am sure you would have seen on my Instagram Story and feed.

I believe it is very important to keep our face skin hydrated, detox it when it’s needed. To stay away from all the dirt and pollution a face mask which brightens, detox and hydrate at the same it is a must. From the far away seas in Israel, comes this mineral-infused super mud mask that does it all is here.

Presenting you The DEAD SEA MUD Mask. Tadda!!

Product Details

  • Price and content: 650 INR for 150 gms
  • Expiry: 36 months from its manufacturing.
  • 100 % Mineral Infused
  • Ingredients: Pure Dead Sea Mud
  • Dark Greyish black colour
  • Tiny granules texture


  • It Transforms your dull and uneven skin tones to Luminescent and silky soft skin
  • It Protects cell regeneration and prevents from signs of aging  resulting to Youthful and tightened skin
  • It Reduces and Prevents from acne and breakouts resulting into Blooming, spotless, clear skin
  • It Eliminates and Minimizes blackheads and shrink pores resulting into Smooth and unblemished skin
  • It Detox and Exfoliates by drawing out toxins and impurities resulting to Squeaky clean and fresh skin feel
  • It is Naturally rich in Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium and also tones skin, balancing uneven, dull skin.
  • Suitable for all skin type

My Experience 

I totally loved the concept of Dead Sea Mud Mask. The color is beautiful. Smell is not that pleasing. The container is an innovative one. But, not suitable for travel as it does not have double cap to seal the content inside. The tiny granules actually help in scrubbing and cleansing your skin. I am pretty happy with the results with my first use. You need to apply an even layer of it on your face and neck. It is thick in consistency so a little amount is sufficient. Let it dry till it changes colour and rinses it with lukewarm water.



Points to note

  • If you have have sensitive skin or not it’s highly recommendation to do a little patch test before you apply on your face.
  • You should clean your face properly before applying it.
  • You should not over dry it instead when it drys sprinkle little water and start scrubbing it off gently and it would work as a scrub too.
  • If you have dry skin then, it’s a good option to scrub it off when it’s semi-dry.
  • Use once or twice a week for best result.

NOW, it’s time for SURPRISE.

You can use code “Anunomics” to buy this from this link and you will get 25% off!!! To make it more exciting, this discount would be applicable on all the products billed at the same time. It’s valid till 30th April 2017. Make the most of it. Treat yourself with Dead Sea Mud Mask from brand Krishkare this Summer because we love pampering ourselves irrespective of the occasions! 😉

I am so glad you mad it till the end.

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