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By the title, you must have guessed the content of this post. So today let me straight jump into the post.

I love Green tea. It’s part of my daily routine. Yes, sometimes I do cheat but mostly I make sure I have green tea at least once a day! Of course for obvious reasons… When the world is becoming more conscious about their health they are realizing its benefits. And, If you still have no clue what green tea does to your body then you should know..Green Tea is the best because it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have the powerful effects on our body which includes improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other incredible benefits.

So, I recently collaborated with TÉ.CHĀ Premium Tea Boutique which has many variants like the one I would take you through today in this post.  I tried my hands on Tulsi Green Tea. Now, I feel I am lucky enough to encounter this particular one because this is something which is so rich in its goodness. And, I will tell you all.

Té.Chā is the first specialty tea boutique in India to offer more than just buying teas – It’s about a journey to experiencing the finest gourmet Teas and infusions proffering a complete gifting and health solution.



Packaging: Comes in a reusable container

100gms for 799INR | 50 Cups 

Scent: Aroma of refreshing Tulsi.
Flavor: Sweet with spicy notes

  •  Green tea and Tulsi both are known for being rich in antioxidants. Their combination together energizes and refreshes body, mind, and soul. Also, boosts your stamina.
  •  Together it promotes healthy metabolism.
  • It also enhances the respiratory system and Strengthens your immunity.

Tulsi Green Tea Container has loose dried leaves of Tulsi and Green Tea which open up beautifully when added to the boiling water. The color changes to light green color giving the refreshing aroma of Tulsi. Once you start sipping it you will know what I mean…I am drinking it for almost a month now and I am just loving it.  It keeps you energetic throughout the day. I would recommend it to you guys. Do try it out.



You know, at my place we have Tulsi plant and we add Tulsi leaves and pinch of spices to our tea when we fall sick or when we are too tired or sometimes just like that. Not all would know what spices to add for the flavor or for health. Also, in fast-growing life, we need our own secret box of health. And, TÉ.CHĀ does it all for us!

To check out the whole collection of premium tea by  TÉ.CHĀ Premium Tea Boutique click on Website 

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  1. Being a tea lover , i certainly do not like green tea much . But ever since i have witnessed health benifits green tea is part of daily routine . Being honest , i am the last oerson to sing praise of itz taste . But presence of tulsi here is giving me high ezoectations . Besides health benefit i think i can afford to keep exoectations about betterment in taste .


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