Dazzle like a Celeb! | First Bangalore Edit Launched | Ft. Voylla Fashion Jewelry

Hey Lovely people!

I am sure you would know about Voylla Fashion Jewelry. Still, let me quickly brief you.

Voylla has successfully introduced the concept of high quality, impeccably crafted jewelry at affordable price points from 2013.

They provide handcrafted masterpieces from some of the finest designers in the country. These are created by a team of exceptional designers, craftspeople, and connoisseurs of style at Studio Voylla which features limited edition jewelry for those who know their style from fashion fads and are willing to spark a trend rather just follow it. Each piece of jewelry has been crafted exclusively for you with love by Voylla, the leading digital-first fashion jewelry brand in the subcontinent. Each piece is meant to start a conversation with its outstanding karigari and lyrical aesthetic. Not just the exquisite jewelry, the prices too will add a sparkle to your smile.

Voylla, the Jewelry brand that has celebrated for its adaptations of traditional art and craft into the fashionable jewelry, proudly presented its very first Bangalore Edit on 16th November 2017.

Inspired by traditional dance forms, architecture, as well as the cosmopolitan, spirit of Namma Bengaluru, They showcased a selection of our most refined and Contemporary collection of handcrafted jewelry.


I am overwhelmed to attend the event. It was a grand success and an honor to witness the celebrities around dazzling in Voylla Fashion Jewelry. Below are the pictures from the event.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Contemporary or classical, edgy or eloquent, alluring gold or charming silver, dazzling diamonds or glittering gemstones – Studio Voylla speaks your language. So go ahead pamper yourself with a little something from collections. Trust them, it will mark the beginning of a very special love affair.


One of my favorites from the collection!


Also, it’s wedding season, you can go ahead and check it here. After all, we all want to dazzle like celebs in our social presence!

Thank you so much for reading the whole post!

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