One-stop Jewelry Destination | Ft. Miss Foxie

Hey Girls!

Today’s post is about brand Miss Foxie, my friend started this brand and I am so glad she did. When I look at her and think about school days. I feel proud that we were together in school and now she owns her own jewelry label. That’s a long journey!

Oh God! Spare me with my talking habits. This post isn’t about my friendship with her. It’s about the jewelry label she has! And, I so wanted to write a post about this and want you guys to check it out because she has a whole collection of jewelry for all occasions! So, jewelry which is not meant for just brides but also, for people like you and me who would get invites for weddings and such occasions.  Well, more than just that!

Miss Foxie is an online jewelry store that brings to you the trendiest jewelry and accessories with exotically exquisite designs. With its affordable rates and exceptional shopping experience, Miss Foxie is your one-stop destination for redefining yourself.


The issue I mostly face is what to wear? Not like my outfit but what jewelry to wear to complete my outfit. Jewelry is very important because that completely changes the way you look. If it gets little over the board it might look like it’s your wedding or you would feel it yourself that something is not right! 😉



I picked up an earring from Miss Foxie which I wore with my simple black and red ethnic outfit. The earring gives the perfect mood of the light occasions of India. I kept it minimal so that it balances the whole outfit. I loved the way it turned out. I hope you like it too.

Brand – Miss Foxie ( click on Facebook , Instagram )

Photography – Jayanth Photography


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