Let black be your Summer style!


Hey, lovelies!

Hope you are staying super hydrated this summer! I know Bangalore is literally getting heated up each day hitting 30 degrees or even more!

Well, when we think of summers we think of soft and breezy fabrics but it does not really have to be white or lighter hues! When the world is promoting hues of yellows and pastels for summers my heart is still stuck on black. Is everything okay with me?

Like, since childhood we have learned black absorbs all the heat and hence is not the right color for summers. It is 200% true! But, what if I say black is no wrong color. The fabric is the key thing! One should choose the right fabric and not worry about the color.

Fabrics which are light, soft and breezy will make all the difference. Keeping this in mind I chose my favorite color “Black” to be my summer style.

I have created two looks. One with black cotton Kurta and cotton palazzo. The second one is stretchable cotton front slit tunic and light blue jeans.

Look 1:

You can easily find a kurta like this in almost any brand. It is pretty much basic with front neckline prints. Instead of regular leggings, I chose to wear black palazzo. So, now it is very much breezy and comfortable at the same time looks stylish! This look can be perfect for your office or small meetings.


Kurta & Palazzo pants: Max Fashions

Heels: Catwalk

Jewelry: Studio Blue Fashions

Watch: Chaps






Look 2

I am wearing light blue jeans and a long black tunic with front slit. And, I cannot miss out my black heels. The highlight is the front slit tunic. I am almost in love with it. It adds a little style quotient to the look. Perfect for a casual day look. By adding a statement jewelry, you can easily slay this look for your evenings! I adore the statement jewelry as it can give life to any basic outfit.  In all, this look is very much casually stylish and it’s something which can be easily recreated!


Tunic: Splash India

Denim: People’s Store

Heels: Catwalk

Jewelry: Studio Blue Fashions

Watch: Chaps




I hope you liked my work. These two looks are super easy and can be recreated easily. In case, you recreate this then, do tag me on Instagram and I will do a shoutout!

The whole idea for this post is to choose right fabrics for the season and not the color. I do understand seasons do have some awesome complementing colors but people like me who has three fourth of their wardrobe in black can definitely try out this!

I hope this post helped you in some of the other ways!

I have few more amazing summer related posts lined up so stay tuned to this space. And, you can do that by subscribing me!! Also, follow me on my social media accounts!

Photography Credits: Gaurav Agarwal

Jewelry Credits: Studio Blue Fashions


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